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We are a First Nations Family Group located in South East Queensland.

We specialise in Art, Cultural Education, Digital and Community Reconciliation Projects.


Wesley Kent


Lead Artist
Jennifer Kent

Wesley Kent is a descendant of the Kalkadoon and has affiliations with the Mitakoodi Tribes of North West Queensland. His Apical Ancestral Family Line were known for being Great Dancers and Warriors. He grew up on country in Mt Isa and attended Abergowrie College in Ingham. Manamana is a Kalkadoon word that means Sky. 

Jennifer Kent is a multicultural Australian with First Nations Ancestry from the Quandamooka, Jinibara, Wakkawakka Tribes of South East Queensland and of the Darumbal of the Central East Coast of Queensland. Jennifer grew up in Mt Isa and Townsville and also has kinship with the Waluwarra and Kalkadoon Tribes of North West Queensland. Jennifer's maternal lineage shares Irish, English and Chinese Ancestry as well.


Jennifer acquired a love for painting when she attended boarding school at Shalom Christian College in Townsville. With a background in Education Jennifer enjoys sharing Contemporary First Nations Artistry to students of all ages from Early Childhood to Adults.

Jennifer has a unique Story telling attribute that allows her to engage and relate to audiences from all over the world.

Contributing to Building Healthy Communities by Facilitating Positive Outcomes in First Nations Cultural Advocacy through Reconciliation Projects

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